Lancelot LDN provides a Growth As A Service model for media and tech companies. Developing scalable sales operations and marketing infrastructure, we support accelerated growth, reducing local hiring costs and expansion overheads by 60%.


Our goal is to help you define and introduce the right strategy and make sure your business establishes itself successfully across Europe.  

Our team acts as regional CEO, marketing director, sales manager and support team, dealing with the launch, development and management of local service/product offerings for you.

Our process is centred around developing scalable sales operations and marketing infrastructure to support future accelerated growth for your company: whether that is cracking your sales code, getting you buyer ready, co-creating your implementation plan or sales playbook, our team will support your expansion into new markets.

Implement, analyse, optimize, repeat.

We are set on empowering our clients to increasingly have ownership of their sales process and helping them achieve traction, faster.  So our services scale with in-house or outsourced solutions – depending on your preference.

Latest from Lancelot LDN

Lancelot LDN announces Full Fabric as new client

Lancelot LDN has announced a new client in Full Fabric, a cutting-edge education management software company, who look to Lancelot LDN to expand their reach…


We deliver an end to end Sales Operations solution which lend companies the best fit resources for their growth and expansion ambitions.  

In short, Growth As A Service.

Offers a core Lancelot Team to establish a strong local presence, gain early customers, dial up the revenue and lay the groundwork for further expansion.

Depending on revenue targets / ambitions set by client, Lancelot LDN proposes a tailor made team, coordinated by the core team.

Lancelot supports clients’ fund raising efforts with raise advice.



WHY Growth as a service (gaas)?

Cost Saving

The cost of boots on the ground in ANY new market is through the roof, specially before you have cracked the Go To Market strategy for a particular geography;

Local Expertise

Most International markets are highly fragmented, and local expertise and network are key drivers in enabling fast traction for your products.

Scalable + Flexible

Our teams are ready to be deployed, faster than you can say "Dear HR, could you please find me some Sales Candidates and Solutions Engineers".

Team Vs. Headcount

Whatever the ambition of your business goals, we provide you with commercial solutions rather than headcount. You don't need a Sales Manager in a new territory - you need a Commercial Team.



Adwatch: UK office is now open!

Following our well-received announcement of the launch of Adwatch UK late last year, we are now proud to announce that

Virtual Reality

Welcome, Virtuality Live

Lancelot Media London is delighted to welcome Virtuality Live to the UK. VL helps brands by creating lifelike, immersive virtual

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Our Team

Richard Parboo

Founder & CEO

João Martins

Founder & Int'l Managing Director

Mark Rogers


Prue Butterworth

Product Marketing Consultant

Toby Bax

Partner & Commercial Director

Steve Doyle

Transition Director

Joao Tiago

Content & Lead Generation Director

Nick Wetherall

Revenue Advisor

Rob Lee

Technical Advisor

Simon Jasinski

Inside Sales

Manuel Andrade


Haris Qureshi


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